Limited editions – Always The Sun – Design Jacob de Baan & Tejo Remy

Jacob de Baan and Tejo Remy together investigated bio-based materials and deformations of the sun. After several experiments with sustainable materials, a range of lighting objects was created. Jacob de Baan: "The designs are inspired by the daily cycle of the sun and the phenomenon of mirage. A specially engineered lighting module creates colour ranges that mimic the dynamic colors of the sky”.

The designs are exhibited at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as part of the exhibition "It’s Our F***ing Backyard / Designing Material Futures". Exhibition curators Amanda Pinatih, design curator, and Ingeborg de Roode, industrial design curator state: "This exhibition shows how, through creative practices, makers and manufacturers can provide a host of new possibilities, and how consumers can play their part through the choices they make."

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